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Do You Know Where Your Puppies Are?

As you read this, there's a dog lying at your feet, a homebred dog, perhaps your first homebred champion. You bred that litter so many years ago. You were so proud of the dam, a sweet, beautiful girl. You looked long and hard for the right stud dog. He was a handsome boy with a sound temperament. You compared genealogies and looked at vet records and the match was made.

You took excellent care of your bitch while in whelp. You fed her prenatal vitamins, visited the vet and made sure that she wanted for nothing. The puppies were all healthy and adorable. You chose your puppy and placed a few in show homes. The rest were destined for pet homes. When the day came, you called the families and they came to pick up their pups. As the door closed behind them, you were pleased, they were all going to good homes and you had nothing to worry about.

Do you remember that one really cute little puppy dog you placed with a family? The family that said they would love him forever? You remember him, the one who loved to play with your hair? He's 7 now and looks about 11. He's still as sweet and gentle as when you placed him with that family. But a few things have changed.

Did you know that he broke his leg when he was younger? No, I didn't think that you did. Did you know that his family never had the bone set so he walks with a permanent limp? No, I didn't think that you did.

Did you know that he has severe arthritis in his hips and is losing his hearing? No, I didn't think that you did.

Did you know that this family dumped him at a shelter and he waited by the gate of his run for them to comeback and get him? No, I didn't think that you knew that either.

Rescue knows. We've taken him in, fostered him, helped him lose weight. We took him to the vet, perhaps the first time he's been in years. We found anew home for him. Someone who will love him forever.

And you know what? We'll know whether he's gone to the vet and how he is doing. We'll know if he needs medical care or a new home. Why? Because we love our dogs and we keep track of them and their families. We've promised to love them forever. And we do.

Shouldn't you?

Copyright Monica La Polt 2001
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